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The King Got a bit Careless with the Camelot Cabernet

camelot colin morgan merlin wizard - 5898391296
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I'm not falling for that old iocane trick

colin morgan falling merlin smart trick wizard - 6185124608
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A wizard is never late! He arives precisely when he--

desert Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins ian mckellen gandalf wizard The Hobbit late - 6720007424
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Who was that strange wizard? And why did he call me pond?

Harry Potter the doctor wizard confused rupert grint Ron Weasley who - 6674840832
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Game of Thrones hobbit the wall wizard - 5297374720
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Are You Trying to seduce me?

colin morgan king arthur trying wizard - 6263584000
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Next in the Olympic pole vault the athlete from the Shire

gandalf ian mckellen Lord of the Rings olympics The Shire wizard - 6540958976
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Just don't burn your fingers...

Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins wizard The Hobbit argument - 7000440576
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I'm a Wizad Not a Doctor

best of the week david morrissey David Tennant doctor who Jackson Lake spell the doctor wizard - 5564649728
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Trailer: Merlin Season Five

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