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'Cos it sure doesn't smell like Longbottom Leaf...

drugs elijah wood Frodo Baggins gandalf ian mckellan Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings smoking wizard - 6333419776
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Game of Thrones hobbit the wall wizard - 5297374720
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Next in the Olympic pole vault the athlete from the Shire

gandalf ian mckellen Lord of the Rings olympics The Shire wizard - 6540958976
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For the Last Time

gandalf ian mckellan last santa The Hobbit wizard - 5596389888
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Harry Potter - I Am?

best of the week Hagrid Harry Potter pun robbie coltrane wizard - 6210263040
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What Time Is It?

adventure time gandalf hobbit ian mckellan The Hobbit wizard - 5622563840
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You Know, That Always Bugged Me

castle colin morgan merlin question wizard - 6371858944
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Two Weeks from Retirement

gandalf ian mckellan The Hobbit wizard - 5622678016
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bbc colin morgan king arthur merlin season 5 trailers Video wizard - 40238081

Trailer: Merlin Season Five

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Wizard Woop

dumbledore Harry Potter Hogwarts Michael Gambon wizard - 5592636672
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