Set Phasers to LOL

William Shatner

City on the Edge of Exterminate

Star Trek Stargate doctor who dalek mash up William Shatner Leonard Nimoy - 6599917312
By TuckerBentley

I may be captain of a starship. But I suck at skateboarding

captain hurt Shatnerday Star Trek starship William Shatner - 6215895808
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James T. Kirk, of the starship Enterprise, has just landed on a planet with no females. Of any kind. Let's see if he notices.

angry Captain Kirk enterprise lets-see Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner yelling - 6451485184
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Another Shatnerday Another Starfleet H.R. Violation

April Fools Day Captain Kirk inappropriate Nichelle Nichols Shatnerday Star Trek uhura underwear William Shatner - 5993878016
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How does he do it? This is only the 2nd episode, and he's already got more fans than I do

Captain Kirk fans jealous Leonard Nimoy Shatnerday Spock William Shatner - 6460149248
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Steaming Pile of Shatner

Shatnerday William Shatner Captain Kirk hot shirtless - 6592366080
See all captions By calvinnh

Your Feelings on Shatnerday, Mr. Spock?

difference Leonard Nimoy logic Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5409893376
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Even on Shatnerday, He Can Be a Scumbag Kirk

alien Captain Kirk Nichelle Nichols punching scumbag Shatnerday Star Trek uhura William Shatner - 5926860032
See all captions By TonyCapa

It was a dark and stormy region of space...

angry Captain Kirk screaming Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner yelling - 6456784128
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Star Trek - Four Captains

avery brooks captain janeway Captain Kirk Captain Picard captain sisko captains Deep Space Nine kate mulgrew painting patrick stewart Star Trek the next generation the original series voyager William Shatner - 6494611200
Via Tim Gabor


anger Captain Kirk died hard james doohan redshirts scotty Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6305235712
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Yelling at Khan

Captain Kirk james doohan khaaaaan khan scotty Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5802609664
By Greybeard55

Most fascinating. Captain I do believe that if you squeeze one of these Tribbles really hard you can hear its intestines pop.

Captain Kirk hear Leonard Nimoy Nichelle Nichols Spock Star Trek tribbles uhura William Shatner - 6321025792
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Well, that's what we call them in Canada

Captain Kirk klingons Spock confused Leonard Nimoy Star Trek William Shatner cut Shatnerday - 6710894848
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A Rare Somber Moment on Shatnerday

Captain Kirk Shatnerday Star Trek tribbles trouble William Shatner - 5581557504
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Man, They Went Quickly

Captain Kirk i know james doohan Leonard Nimoy red shirts scotty Shatnerday Spock Star Trek Target William Shatner - 5895937280
See all captions By Chris10a
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