Set Phasers to LOL

william riker

We All Are

Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn Star Trek william riker Worf - 5443766016
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He Was Scanning for Hours

data jean-luc picard Jonathan Frakes patrick stewart Star Trek william riker - 5388008448
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A New Hope brent spiner data Han Solo Harrison Ford Jonathan Frakes luke skywalker patrick stewart Star Trek william riker - 29273089

Star Trek Watches Star Wars

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And So Picard Had the Rule Reversed

Captain Picard Death Jonathan Frakes patrick stewart redshirts Star Trek william riker - 6117036800
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another cut in the defence budget sir?

william riker Captain Picard budget cuts Jonathan Frakes Star Trek defense patrick stewart - 6850179840
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You're a Card, Picard

jean-luc picard Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart puns Star Trek william riker Worf - 5419909632
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Riker Problems

TNG william riker Star Trek - 7924070144
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No worries, I can drive a stick shift!

brent spiner data driving enterprise Jonathan Frakes manual Michael Dorn william riker Worf - 6575580416
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Michael Dorn william riker Worf Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes season two the next generation Bloopers laughing patrick stewart - 46768385

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two Blooper Reel

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brent spiner william riker Captain Picard puns Jonathan Frakes data Star Trek make it so patrick stewart - 7094537728
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Star Trek vs. Star Wars

admiral ackbar art comic darth vader its a trap jean-luc picard Star Trek star wars william riker - 5468371712
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What is that thing? It looks like it's from an alien planet!

fashion william riker Captain Picard knife Jonathan Frakes letter opener patrick stewart - 6766526464
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These Aren't Klingon Dice, Are They?

gambling Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn Star Trek william riker Worf - 5445584640
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Michael Dorn william riker Worf Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes the next generation Star Trek Bloopers patrick stewart - 47636993

41 Minutes of "Star Trek" Bloopers That Will Brighten Your Day

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We never did anything like this on the StarGazer

Captain Picard Star Trek the next generation patrick stewart Jonathan Frakes william riker deanna troi Marina Sirtis celebration happy drawings - 6611120384
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brent spiner Captain Picard data Jonathan Frakes klingon listen Michael Dorn no patrick stewart Star Trek Video william riker Worf - 34350593

No One Listens to Worf

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