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why not zoidberg

Want to misuse a meme, Why not Zoidberg?

hermes futurama professor farnsworth why not zoidberg - 6811653632
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Doctor Who? Why Not Zoidberg

futurama ood totally looks like why not zoidberg Zoidberg - 5522164736
By Gallifrean fury

Who is this "Zoidberg" you speak of?

annoyed doctor who ood why not zoidberg why not zoidberg? Zoidberg - 6424820480
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Need a heckler?

futurama hermes professor farnsworth why not zoidberg Zoidberg - 6328861952
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Terrifying Monster? Why Not Zoidberg?

Badass futurama monster why not zoidberg Zoidberg - 5469319424
Via neatorama

Using memes incorrectly? Why not Zoidberg?

futurama hermes Memes why not zoidberg Zoidberg - 6469123328
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