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Welcome to the Salem trials of witchcraft and wizardry

Harry Potter dumbledore Michael Gambon welcome Hogwarts - 6876203264
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Jurassic Nova

jurassic park nathaniel taylor Stephen Lang terra nova welcome - 5541128448
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My Name is Tyrion Lannister... ...and welcome to "My Messed Up Family"!

family Game of Thrones peter dinklage tv show tyrion lannister welcome - 6304017152
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Welcome to Potions

Alan Rickman Harry Potter insult potions Severus Snape welcome - 5957913600
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Saturday night is torpedoed

Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley disco james doohan McCoy Nichelle Nichols saturday night scotty Shatnerday Star Trek uhura welcome William Shatner - 6315653376
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Pull Up a Chair and Hope it's Not Sentient

lumati welcome - 6113811968
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