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Superhero Alignment Chart

alignment batman deadpool dr doom dungeons and dragons evil good rorschach superheroes superman the joker watchmen x men - 5768756480
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Famous Doctors' Heads in Jars

back to the future doctor who doctors dr horrible famous Firefly futurama Spider-Man Star Trek watchmen - 5595529472
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watchmen Lord of the Rings heroes star wars movies Boromir batman supercut Star Trek - 47078913

43 Heroic Sacrifices in Movies

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costume watchmen halloween mask DIY rorschach - 43708929

DIY Cheap, Moving Rorschach Mask of the Day

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I'm not stuck here with you guys, you guys are stuck here with me...

anne hathaway batman catwoman comics quote rorschach selina kyle the dark knight rises watchmen - 6454983168
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Who Watches the Watchboy and His Tiger

calvin and hobbes superheroes watchmen - 6045883904
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