Set Phasers to LOL

warehouse 13

Now how do I set this thing to LOL?

set phasers to lol pete latimer phaser warehouse 13 eddie mcclintock confused - 6640980480
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I Think it Actually Neutralized the Goo

agent allison scagliotti artie artifact claudia donovan snooki tag warehouse 13 - 5373846528
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Ready the Canon! This Ship is Almost Official

shipping warehouse 13 facebook - 7522045184
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Director's Bermuda timeshare was only available Oct/Nov this year...

wait artie nielsen christmas special saul rubinek claudia donovan allison scagliotti episodes warehouse 13 season 4 short - 6721485056
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pete lattimer that awkward moment myka bering warehouse 13 eddie mcclintock Party realize joanne kelly - 6969659648
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Do What it Says. It Could Be an Artifact.

allison scagliotti artie claudia donovan saul rubinek warehouse 13 - 5494792704
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You know that's full of paintballs, right?

gun warehouse 13 myka berring joanne kelly - 6610234112
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And when I'm done reprograming You'll be the perfect huband!

pete lattimer scary reprogram warehouse 13 artifacts HG Wells eddie mcclintock husband jaime murray - 6982139136
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Whatcha Thinking About?

artifacts eddie mcclintock joanne kelly myka bering pete latimer stuff warehouse warehouse 13 whatcha thinkin about - 5647546880
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warehouse 13 james marsters - 7414760192
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How long did you say it was since you saw a woman?

warehouse 13 that looks naughty - 7324162048
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Should have studied his Renaissance History...

artie nielsen saul rubinek claudia donovan warehouse 13 behind dagger - 6643494400
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She's Seen Everything

CCH Pounder mrs-frederic warehouse 13 - 5393166336
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Sorry, I Just Like That Show

allison scagliotti claudia donovan Kaylee quotes shiny warehouse 13 wrong - 6361883904
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Pepsi In A Coke Bottle? BADASS

allison scagliotti artifacts claudia donovan syfy warehouse 13 - 6326276096
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artie nielsen saul rubinek knife claudia donovan allison scagliotti warehouse 13 threat - 6641184000
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