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Walter Bishop

...and those shoes?! Geez...

Walter Bishop shoes John Noble fashion peter bishop joshua jackson - 6885271296
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Anna Torv Fringe John Noble joshua jackson Olivia Dunham peter bishop trailers Video Walter Bishop - 35454977

Trailer for the Next Episode of Fringe

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Much more...!

Walter Bishop Anna Torv John Noble Fringe peter bishop ear Olivia Dunham joshua jackson gun loud deaf - 6767009792
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3d glasses drugs John Noble Walter Bishop - 6492338688
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Finally, the quarter I dropped.

John Noble Walter Bishop joshua jackson peter bishop dropped surgery Fringe - 6597408256
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Maybe a Little

Fringe John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop Walter Bishop - 5794309888
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What Happened?

Fringe John Noble question same Walter Bishop - 5565503744
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It works! My God, it works! She appears to be three-dimensional!!!

3-d glasses amazing Fringe John Noble Walter Bishop - 6460021504
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Reasons to Watch Fringe!

aspirin Astrid Fringe Walter Bishop - 5304814592
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Better Think this Through

astrid farnsworth cloning Fringe Jasika Nicole John Noble Walter Bishop - 6141484032
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Mine Taste Better Dunked In Milk

brain cookies Fringe John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop Walter Bishop - 5981159424
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Now, Make a Wish

joshua jackson peter bishop Fringe Walter Bishop body surgery meat - 6584295168
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Well, as Real as the World Gets for Walter

3-d glasses Fringe John Noble real Walter Bishop - 6001037568
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Oh look he swallowed a penny

Fringe joshua jackson look penny peter bishop Walter Bishop - 6579205120
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Astrid dream episodes fans Fringe Jasika Nicole John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop questions Walter Bishop - 31169025

Dream Fringe Episodes

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Can't Sleep

clowns Fringe insane John Noble nightmare scary Walter Bishop - 6118358016
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