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Walter Bishop

Mine Taste Better Dunked In Milk

brain cookies Fringe John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop Walter Bishop - 5981159424
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It Really is Disrespectful

Fringe John Noble michael cerveris the observer Walter Bishop - 5349888512
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Reasons to Watch Fringe!

aspirin Astrid Fringe Walter Bishop - 5304814592
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I Preferred the Mental Hospital

arrow to the knee Fringe John Noble jokes Walter Bishop - 5822658816
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Fringe future John Noble season 5 the observer trailers Video Walter Bishop - 39830017

Trailer: Fringe Season Five

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It works! My God, it works! She appears to be three-dimensional!!!

3-d glasses amazing Fringe John Noble Walter Bishop - 6460021504
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Anna Torv Fringe John Noble joshua jackson Leonard Nimoy Movie peter bishop season finale trailers Video Walter Bishop - 37703169

Fringe Season Finale Extended Trailer

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What Was Your First Clue?

astrid farnsworth clue Fringe John Noble Walter Bishop - 6430792448
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Walter Bishop guns John Noble peter bishop joshua jackson deaf - 6818886656
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Now, Make a Wish

joshua jackson peter bishop Fringe Walter Bishop body surgery meat - 6584295168
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Walter Bishop Anna Torv John Noble behind the scenes Fringe peter bishop better Olivia Dunham joshua jackson observer featurette - 44252673

Fringe: What's Coming for Peter

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Astrid dream episodes fans Fringe Jasika Nicole John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop questions Walter Bishop - 31169025

Dream Fringe Episodes

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A Cranky Scientist

cranky Fringe John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop Walter Bishop - 6100904960
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Which Fringe Character Are You?

Fringe Olivia Dunham peter bishop Walter Bishop - 5304737792
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Fringe John Noble understand Walter Bishop weird - 5889128448
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You want me to increase the IQ of Congress? Entering a parallel universe is child's play in comparison to that!

Walter Bishop John Noble Fringe - 7046152704
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