Set Phasers to LOL


Hive Mind

voyager - 7817649664
By Unknown

Three Ways

best of the week captain janeway kate mulgrew puns Star Trek voyager - 6020837632
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The Mentalities of Operations

colm meaney harry kim Star Trek tim russ tuvok voyager - 5976986368
By SimonKTemplar

Well, apparently it is possible to tape a 'Kick me"sign to the back of a hollogram.

hologram robert picardo the doctor voyager Star Trek - 6908208384
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Captains on the Prime Directive

avery brooks captain janeway Captain Picard captain sisko captains enterprise kate mulgrew patrick stewart prime directive reactions scott bakula Star Trek TNG voyager - 6335905280
By Capt_Shelby_J_Hughes

B'elanna Is Attracted To Power

Star Trek voyager - 7946789376
By Unknown

I Can't Even Tell Who I'm Talking To

budget captain janeway flashlights kate mulgrew Star Trek voyager - 5341708288
See all captions By WilliamKeckler

Well I for one,am stunned.

David Tennant doctor who Matt Smith the doctor voyager - 6527280896
By b-maharet

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

voyager Star Trek - 7877861888
By Unknown

Your turn was so totally over five minutes ago.

kate mulgrew tim russ captain janeway tuvok video games over Star Trek voyager - 6591639552
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If I deactivate my ethical subroutines, I could dissect him...

hologram robert picardo the doctor voyager Star Trek - 6625645312
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Voyager, No!

tom paris stahp voyager Star Trek - 7047995392
Via Benigoat


kate mulgrew eyeroll that moment voyager meme captain janeway Star Trek realize - 6855577088
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Borg who?

seven of nine borg design Jewelry voyager Star Trek jeri ryan - 6866690304
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Two Excellent Points.

voyager bewbs Star Trek - 7470171904
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THE JANEWAY FACEPALM she need no palm to express yo stupid sorry ass

kate mulgrew eyeroll facepalm voyager captain janeway Star Trek stupid - 6763213312
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