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My Lord, regrettably.... ..I forgot the snacks.

Alan Rickman dark lord forgot Harry Potter ralph fiennes Severus Snape voldemort - 6316415232
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James Bond and the Prisoner of Skyfall

mashup Harry Potter voldemort james bond Fan Art - 6764189184
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And let's face it, Old Snake Eyes can't waltz worth a knut...

dancing Harry Potter voldemort Daniel Radcliffe rupert grint Ron Weasley - 7096690944
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Uhm. Rude.

Alan Rickman edward Harry Potter snape Sparkle twilight vampire voldemort - 5297983232
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deathly hallows Harry Potter Music opera ralph fiennes voldemort - 6041797120
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He Does Look Like He Needs to Hydrate

Harry Potter voldemort - 7155680000
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You know it's true.

hate Harry Potter voldemort imelda staunton evil dead dolores umbridge admit it - 6649799168
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Just Look at Yourself

Daniel Radcliffe harry Harry Potter kid look Pokémon ralph fiennes voldemort - 5509954816
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Hipster Voldemort

expensive Harry Potter hipster snake voldemort - 5850582528
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It's Perfect!

fry funny futurama Harry Potter nose voldemort - 6440234752
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The REAL reason Voldemort is so irritable

annoying ralph fiennes song voldemort - 6506618368
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Come On, Tenors!

choir Harry Potter ralph fiennes voldemort - 5840841984
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Dark Lord Happy Hour

drinks bar Lord of the Rings sauron Harry Potter voldemort star wars dark lord darth vader - 7039705856
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Harry Potter - Why Do You Live

Daniel Radcliffe gifs harry Harry Potter live ralph fiennes voldemort - 6159146752
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Harry Potter Attractiveness Graph

best of the week cedric diggory Chart graph harry Harry Potter hermione granger neville longbottom Ron Weasley snape voldemort - 5797178112
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Hipster Voldemort

before it was cool cedric diggory edward cullen hate hipster killed ralph fiennes robert pattinson voldemort - 5908332288
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