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Bill Compton Blood hbo Sookie Stackhouse teaser true blood vampires Video - 37616641

True Blood Season Five Teaser

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Underworld Exes

fire movies underworld vampires - 5559439616
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Anne Rice Weighs in on Twilight Vampires

authors books stephenie meyer twilight vampires - 5386826752
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Definitely a Better Love Story

bella swan best of the week dracula edward cullen twilight vampires - 6161664768
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Badass barnabas collins dark shadows jonathan frid Sparkle vampires - 6566732288
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We kill the ones that sparkle for free.

dean winchester free jensen ackles kill Sparkle Supernatural vampires - 6423434240
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Being Human's New Vampire

bbc being human British ghost new news vampires werewolf - 5672144128
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how it should have ended vampires bella twilight breaking dawn part 2 - 46478081

How "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two" Should Have Ended

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lego vampires fan film - 46740737

KastleVania 4: Vanian Legenda - A Feature-Length Castlevania Fan-Film in Lego

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trailers vampires reactions old people twilight - 44961537

Elders React to "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2"

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Lucas Makes Some Good Changes

best of the week darth vader george lucas star wars vampires - 5586064384
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season finale Sookie Stackhouse true blood vampires Video - 41262593

Bonus Scene from the Season Finale of "True Blood"

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter best of the week Movie movies trailers vampires Video - 33848577

Trailer: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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... and all these vampires exploded and i saved the world from total destruction!!!

buffy summers vampires bored Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar Rupert Giles - 6828742656
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Real vampires would have been a lot more fun

Sad jensen ackles Supernatural dean winchester vampires sam winchester Jared Padalecki twilight - 6807076096
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Vampires Guess Who

guess minimalism poster vampires - 5336205312
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