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This One Time

alyson hannigan band camp Buffy the Vampire Slayer james marsters spike vampire willow - 5698452992
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movies superheroes trailers vampire Video - 41111553

Red Band Trailer: The Revenant

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Fang Check

barnabas collins dark shadows jonathan frid vampire - 6498977280
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Just read "Twilight" are you F***ing kidding me?

aidan turner being human mitchell twilight vampire - 6525653760
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Know Your Vampire Hunter

best of week funny Hall of Fame infographic monster vampire - 6354478848
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The Bad Side

angel bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer David Boreanaz vampire - 5516876288
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I'll stand behind you and stare creepily Multiple times Yeah, that makes good film!

acting bella boring edward cullen film kristen stewart robert pattinson Staring twilight vampire - 6467230464
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It's hypnotic

angels buffy summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer cat David Boreanaz Sarah Michelle Gellar stop vampire - 6553063936
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He has my blessing

barnabas collins dark shadows Johnny Depp jonathan frid Sparkle vampire - 6251980800
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It's Not My Fault

barnabas collins dark shadows forever alone friend Johnny Depp tim burton vampire - 6235930368
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This Isn't Denny's?

being human damien molony hal vampire - 5674072832
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Uhm. Rude.

Alan Rickman edward Harry Potter snape Sparkle twilight vampire voldemort - 5297983232
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The Worst Threat the Town has Ever Faced

Colin Ferguson edward eureka kristen stewart sheriff jack carter sparkling vampire - 6360336384
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bbc bbc america being human ghost recap spoilers vampire Video werewolf - 34471169

Being Human Recap

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First Dates

Awkward Buffy the Vampire Slayer vampire - 5383614208
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explosions kate beckinsale Movie underworld-awakening vampire Video - 32158977

New Clip from Underworld: Awakening

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