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The Doctor

best of the week doctor who tardis the doctor universe - 5455907072
By OryuKitty

My Money's on the Fridge

amy pond clean dirty doctor who fridge Matt Smith the doctor universe - 6340103680
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alex kingston btch-please billie piper Catherine Tate dalek donna noble mercy River Song rose tyler universe - 6499860992
By propane-n-converse

I've always wondered what was on the other side of the universe!

Captain Picard universe ball pit the next generation Star Trek patrick stewart - 6983612672
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River Song

alex kingston dalek doctor who mercy River Song scream universe - 6068533248
By Unknown

WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: The Day the Universe Came

book covers books cover art i dont want to live on this planet anymore science fiction universe wtf - 6137311488
By Unknown


Fringe John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop priorities universe Walter Bishop - 6389811712
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Violence is Easy, Mercy is Hard

alex kingston billie piper dalek doctor who mercy River Song rose tyler special universe - 6342610944
By LoLiLa

Cap'n Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness john barrowman the doctor Torchwood universe - 5331994624
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Yes-- The universe does revolve around me

Captain Jack Harkness doctor who hot john barrowman Torchwood universe - 6406328832
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Universe

book covers books cover art robert heinlein underwear universe wtf - 6283304960
By Unknown

Every Time

again annoyed best of the week David Tennant doctor who google the doctor universe - 6110072832
By Unknown

WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: What Mad Universe

book covers books cover art science fiction universe wtf - 5600106496
By Unknown

Shh, Moffat doesn't have to know about this!

afraid awesome bennedict cumberbatch Matt Smith Sherlock sherlock bbc the doctor universe - 6261424384
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Special Feature on "Prometheus" UK Release Links It to "Blade Runner"

prometheus Blade Runner Ridley Scott special features universe - 6653142272
Via Reddit

I give up! I'm trying to help you understand the mysteries of the universe and you're sitting there updating your Facebook status!

brent spiner Captain Picard data facebook facepalm patrick stewart teaching understand universe - 6560667904
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