Set Phasers to LOL


Captain's Log stardate 20067.98 After today's "Little Incident" I think Lt. Tuvok may have learned not to make anymore "helpful" suggestions when I am trying to create LOLs

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Perhaps a Hypothesis?

guess logic never Star Trek tim russ tuvok voyager Vulcan - 6036473856
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The message is highly illogical. It says we need to move our frakin asses over and let them pass.

Frak illogical message rude Star Trek tim russ tuvok voyager Vulcan - 6183131648
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Logic dictates, Captain Janeway, that it was your outdated hairstyle that has thrown the entire vessel and crew into a recursive timeloop and caused us to become lost.

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Your turn was so totally over five minutes ago.

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The Mentalities of Operations

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