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When Karen Gillan Joined Twitter

amy pond arthur darvill doctor who karen gillan oops Rage Comics rory williams trolling twitter - 6120321024
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Today on Qo'nos ...

klingons trolling Star Trek - 7010925568
By garbo802

In Space, No One can Hear You Troll

Aliens Elizabeth Shaw laughing Noomi Rapace pointing prometheus trolling - 6113286656
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Brace You'reselves Spelling comments are coming

sean bean Game of Thrones trolling brace yourselves Eddard Stark spelling - 6873875712
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Are You Trolling?

james doohan scotty Star Trek stupid trolling - 5500038144
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carrie fisher star wars trolling William Shatner - 29218305

Carrie Fisher on Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

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Darth Spodama

Battlestar Galactica darth vader mashup Spock Star Trek star wars trolling vulcan salute william adama - 5976691200
By Nefarius

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