Set Phasers to LOL


Captain, I'm afraid the transporter can't get a lock on you. Our sensors are picking up too much fun in the general viscinity.

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The Danger Of Transporters

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Problem Solving Picard

transporter problem solved Captain Picard the next generation Star Trek patrick stewart - 6865578240
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There seems to have been Some kind of transporter accident

accident beverly crusher Captain Picard cute data Geordi Laforge malfunction Star Trek transporter william riker Worf - 6305407744
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I Like Him Better This Way

Captain Kirk dogs Leonard Nimoy malfunction Spock Star Trek transporter - 5402453504
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I Fix the Warp Drive

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Who transported that Nyan Cat on my ship?!

annoyed Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy Nyan Cat Shatnerday Spock Star Trek transporter William Shatner - 6473527552
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Oh, and the Captain is floating in space

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