Set Phasers to LOL

tom hiddleston


avengers bad guys loki lose script tom hiddleston - 6230870784
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Loki Vs. Zod

avengers cheezburger comparison loki original superheroes superman tom hiddleston villains - 6328093184
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Am I the only one who's half expecting him to charge and head-butt something?

avengers bull charge horns loki tom hiddleston - 6526617344
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Rule The World, They Said. It Will Be Fun, They Said.

avengers fun loki They Said tom hiddleston - 6231554560
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You can go about your day Hulk

avengers loki think tom hiddleston - 6268464384
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Up for a game of Whack-A-Mole?

loki Thor tom hiddleston hammer The Avengers mjolnir chris hemsworth - 7094786560
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Dogs that Look Like Avengers

avengers best of the week chris hemsworth cute dogs Jeremy renner mark ruffalo Samuel L Jackson scarlett johansson tom hiddleston totally looks like - 6202370048
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Actually, You Could Survive

avengers brains brother chris hemsworth hammer loki mjolnir survive tom hiddleston - 6075193856
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actor celeb funny Hall of Fame katy perry Music tom hiddleston Video - 38433537

Katy Perry's Secret Identity

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Thor - MTV Asgard's New Show

chris hemsworth laughing loki mtv Thor tom hiddleston trick - 6214910976
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avengers bromance chris hemsworth loki tom hiddleston - 6316925952
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It is Pretty Awesome

avengers awesome chris hemsworth costume loki people Thor tom hiddleston - 5732211200
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Yeah... Maybe i should not have Said That...

avengers hulk loki maybe oops tom hiddleston words - 6230681344
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Star Wars Vs. Avengers

avengers comparison Han Solo hulk loki luke skywalker star wars tom hiddleston tony stark - 6227786752

Probably Gonna Escape Later, Cause a Bunch of Damage. You Know, the Ushe.

benedict cumberbatch loki tom hiddleston The Avengers Star Trek star trek into darkness - 7056011776
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Hulk likes Crouching Tiger

avengers hulk making fun never note to self tom hiddleston - 6311775232
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