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The gun speaks louder than words.

captain malcolm reynolds gun pointing ship threatening - 6569139968
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Good Men

doctor who Matt Smith rules the doctor threatening - 6437131520
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Say "Magic Mike" one more time...

dean winchester gun jensen ackles One More Time Supernatural threatening - 6434850560
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I think we should be more concerned that there is something out there that can do this.

alex kingston cyberman doctor who head Matt Smith River Song the doctor threatening worried - 6543956480
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So you tell me you cancelled Firefly...

adam baldwin anger cancelled Firefly jayne cobb threatening - 6434997504
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Someday soon.... I'm going to kill you.

arya stark Game of Thrones knives Maisie Williams SOON threatening - 6248580352
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Where is my pie?

damn fine dean winchester diner gun jensen ackles pie Supernatural threatening - 6440564480
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