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There's Nothing Worse Than Being a Dumb Nerd...

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Who Knows What These Are?

soda the simpsons - 8247277312
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And You Thought it Wasn't Possible

blind cheese the simpsons - 8254467840
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That's a Tasty Donut

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A Lesson in Motivation

mr burns milhouse the simpsons - 8286745088
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It's a Love/Rob Situation...

therapy the simpsons funny - 8129159936
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33 Impressive Simpsons Impressions in 5 Minutes

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The Dark Knight Rises Character Posters

bane batman christian bale the dark knight rises the simpsons tom hardy - 6413726464
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The Simpsons Almost Broke the Fourth Wall

homer simpson Matt Groening the simpsons - 8158128384

Yeah...He's a Regular Jamees Dean

cool milhouse the simpsons funny - 8152033536
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The Only Thing That Keeps it From being a Great Job

the simpsons work - 8196291584
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Always a Great Start to a Sales Pitch

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Real Life Simpsons

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That's One Way to Kick the Bucket...

funny the simpsons homer simpson - 8134653184
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The Simpsons are Waiting for Diablo III Too

best of the week Fan Art homer simpson the simpsons waiting - 6214220544
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And 100 Days in the Bathroom...

tacos the simpsons - 8139833600
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