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the doctor

Now, if I was a ginger... maybe I wouldn't be wearing my sad face.

David Tennant doctor who ginger handcuffs maybe the doctor - 6198604800
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Glad you asked

annoyed David Tennant embarrassing no the doctor - 6188356096
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The Real Reason He Was Exiled

annoying christopher eccleston galifrey the doctor - 5807243520
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New Trailer for "Doctor Who" Season Seven

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Something Very Wrong

David Tennant doctor who sonic screwdriver the doctor wrong you - 5717091328
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And most of all, remember-- If you act like you know everything, they'll actually believe you do! It works for me!

benedict cumberbatch the doctor Matt Smith doctor who act Sherlock - 6628572160
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Died How Many Times?

arthur darvill best of the week Captain Jack Harkness died doctor who john barrowman Kenny Matt Smith please rory williams the doctor Torchwood - 5990924800
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Or isn't he a 'Fixed Point' yet...?

Captain Jack Harkness David Tennant doctor who the doctor - 6532906752
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Runs away with a mad man in a box. Takes her husband with her.

rory williams karen gillan the doctor Matt Smith husband doctor who meme amy pond arthur darvill - 6683327744
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Happy TARDIS Day!

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Doctor Pooh

doctor who the doctor tom baker - 5396015360
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He saves worlds, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures, and runs a lot. Seriously, there's an outrageous amount of running involved.

best of the week doctor who Matt Smith rescue running the doctor - 6255610368
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How I Felt

David Tennant doctor who my little pony the doctor - 5679729408
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Call the Exterminators

art bow ties daleks doctor who Exterminate poster the doctor Time Lords - 5391232256
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Condescending Doctor Meets Doc Brown

back to the future condescending wonka DeLorean doctor who Matt Smith the doctor time machine time travel - 6031783424
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Well, I wanted to rule the planet full of android women...

doctor who Matt Smith the doctor arthur darvill women rule planet daleks rory williams amy pond karen gillan harcourt fenton mudd Star Trek - 6577291520
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