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the doctor

He is the One Named Doctor Moon

sonic screwdriver the doctor Matt Smith doctor who - 6742369024
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That was the problem!

karen gillan the doctor new Matt Smith doctor who amy pond companion - 6894033408
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alex kingston doctor who Matt Smith River Song the doctor Video video games - 32703745

Trailer: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

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Dawn of the Doctor

doctor who Fan Art mash up Matt Smith tardis the doctor T.Shirt zombie - 6619812352
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Genderswapped Doctor Who

best of the week doctor who Fan Art female gender swap regenerations the doctor - 6456051200
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The 12th Doctor?

Aliens David Tennant doctor who limbs regeneration robert picardo similarities the doctor - 6451913216
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Those Daleks Just Stole My Jelly Babies!

daleks doctor who jelly babies stole the doctor tom baker - 5352743424
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Courtesy of Moppat ... I mean, Moffat.

bennedict cumberbatch best of the week clever doctor who hair master Matt Smith Sherlock sherlock bbc Steven Moffat the doctor - 5969006848
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He saves worlds, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures, and runs a lot. Seriously, there's an outrageous amount of running involved.

best of the week doctor who Matt Smith rescue running the doctor - 6255610368
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Doctor Who - I Visit Boomerang Nebulas Now

best of the week bow ties cool doctor who Matt Smith space stars the doctor - 6121745920
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Think About it... Travels the world in one night, dresses funny, uses an outdated object to travel in... Santa Claus is a Time Lord.

Time lord the doctor Matt Smith doctor who santa claus funny - 6913267456
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Getting Old

900 years old David Tennant the doctor timelord yoda - 6406361088
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Nowadays you can pick one up on any street corner!

old cranky gallifrey the doctor tardis Matt Smith doctor who - 6871026176
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action figures doctor who martha jones rose tyler singing song the doctor toys Video - 39849217

Doctor Who Action Figures Sing "Perfect Day"

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I remember you from Pompeii

karen gillan the doctor Matt Smith doctor who amy pond remember - 6726618368
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The good old days

patrick troughton the doctor tardis doctor who companions - 6680603136
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