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the dark knight rises

anne hathaway bane batman christian bale fan made Joseph Gordon-Levitt michael caine Morgan Freeman opening credits selena kyle the dark knight rises tom hardy Video - 33029889

Fan Made Opening for The Dark Knight Rises

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anne hathaway batman catwoman christian bale Joseph Gordon-Levitt the dark knight rises Video - 37399041

Set Phasers to LOL: The Dark Knight Rises: New Trailer

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He's No Peter Parker

batman bruce wayne camera photography poster the dark knight rises - 6423202304
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bane batman christian bale mask the dark knight rises tom hardy - 6036613632
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the dark knight rises Awkward bane batman - 45913089

The Talia al Ghul Reveal Could Have Been Way More Awkward

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Surprise Fight Scene from The Dark Knight Rises

bane batman fight scene South Park surprise the dark knight rises tom hardy - 5671643904
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Really Warner Bros.?

alfred batman bruce wayne christian bale michael caine spelling the dark knight rises typo - 6459389952
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I Can Has Reckoning?

bane batman best of the week cute I Can Has Cheezburger lolcat lolspeak mask the dark knight rises - 6453076736
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You Too?

avengers batman flying iron man the dark knight rises - 6568116992
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Master Bruce if I have to wash blood out of your bat tights again I want a raise

alfred pennyworth michael caine the dark knight rises wash - 6450857728
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prometheus mashup Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the dark knight rises movies The Avengers trailers 2012 brave hunger games - 45449985

2012 Movie Trailer Mashup

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batman Music score soundtrack the dark knight rises Video - 38934529

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Preview

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excited penny the dark knight rises bane tom hardy batman - 6951981824
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10 Things I Hate About These Scars

10 things I hate about yo batman heath ledger Joseph Gordon-Levitt robin scars the dark knight the dark knight rises the joker - 6511601664
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bane batman batman the animated series catwoman selena kyle the dark knight rises trailers Video - 37961985

Second Animated Series Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

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To the Bat-Rave

batman bruce wayne christian bale dancing Party rave the dark knight rises - 6472601600
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