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Last Night: Terra Nova's Season Finale

christine adams dinosaurs jason-omara season finale Stephen Lang terra nova tv shows - 5591756288
By Unknown

The Real Reason Dinosaurs Went Extinct

annoying christine adams dinosaurs fox stranded terra nova - 5939360000
See all captions By AreUKiddnMe

A Ring

before Portal ring terra nova - 5570802432
See all captions By The23rdDoctor

Well, Yes

colors fabulous malcolm wallace nathaniel taylor rod hallett Stephen Lang terra nova - 5716177920
By AreUKiddnMe

Just a Little

jason-omara jim shannon nathaniel taylor Stephen Lang terra nova too late - 5709388800
See all captions By KaanTheKordor

Hear That?

awesome hear nathaniel taylor sound Stephen Lang terra nova - 5602495488
See all captions By KhajiitKatze

The Dreaded I-Just-Lost-My-Job Episode

canceled fox home malcolm wallace open Portal rod hallett terra nova - 5964959488
By AreUKiddnMe (Via

Terra Nova, I Am Disappoint

cgi dinosaurs jurassic park terra nova time - 5395489024
Via avrus

No One Cancels Nathaniel Taylor

canceled nathaniel taylor Stephen Lang terra nova - 6009809408
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Battle of the Cancelled: Terra Nova Vs. The Event

cancelled show dinosaurs Stephen Lang terra nova vote - 5944472832
By Unknown

Terra Nova's Product Placement is Getting Ridiculous

dinosaurs gate technology terra nova - 5537646848
See all captions By Greybeard55

Can't Catch a Break

cancelled dinosaurs fox jason-omara jim shannon killed terra nova - 5936746752
See all captions By AstrolinerTV

Career Moves

career commander taylor Stephen Lang terra nova - 5541778432
See all captions By DeusBlu

Apocalypse Nova

Apocalypse Now commander taylor Stephen Lang terra nova - 5548866816
See all captions By Unknown

I Told Him

commander taylor diet jason-omara jim shannon Stephen Lang terra nova - 5539284480
See all captions By Momkat13

Damn Kids

Geordi Laforge jason-omara jim shannon kids nathaniel taylor Stephen Lang terra nova who - 5808509696
See all captions By AreUKiddnMe
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