Set Phasers to LOL


Teachers asks me for the answer I been drawing the whole time

answer drawing effie trinket elizabeth banks hunger games jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen school teacher that feel - 6067734528
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3rd Grade Teacher Why are you chewing gum in class? Explain! Explain! Explain!!

class dalek doctor who elementary school explain teacher - 6568504576
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Kid, let's just say, when your chemistry teacher tells you not to mix random chemicals, you damn well better not mix random chemicals.

teacher farscape - 6895499264
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Betcha Don't

ben browder christopher judge kids school sg-1 Stargate teacher tealc - 5779451392
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Even Hogwarts Teachers Need a Second Job

Alan Rickman best of the week Harry Potter Hogwarts pan-galactic gargle blaster Severus Snape teacher - 5974408960
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Jedi School

homework Jedi luke skywalker Mark Hamill school star wars teacher yoda - 6428255232
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Seriously Guys?

homework remember spanish teacher the silence - 5365435392
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