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batman DC lego superheroes talking Video video games - 38885633

Trailer: Lego Batman 2

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I See. What Planet Are They From?

Aliens dubstep Music talking zombie - 6087804672
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Don't Look at Me

craig charles dave lister red dwarf talking toaster - 5811145216
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What Do I Do With My Hands?

Awkward castiel cell phones dean winchester future jensen ackles misha collins talking - 6346995712
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Shouldn't have shot him out of season!

avengers drunk horns loki talking tom hiddleston - 6512544768
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dovahkiin dragons how it should have ended Skyrim talking Video - 40391681

How Skyrim Should Have Ended

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Hey look its a trashcan!

confusion dalek doctor who Exterminate talking trash can WoW - 6432660736
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