Set Phasers to LOL


Thor has a swag

dancing Thor swag The Avengers steve rogers captain america chris evans stop chris hemsworth - 6710898944
By deadlycobra13

There Would Have Been No Hunger Games

Lord of the Rings swag - 6115826944
By Titowito


Badass better Leonard Nimoy nobody original Spock Star Trek swag - 6240539904
See all captions By Unknown

Even As an Old Man, He's Still Got Super-Swag

batman facepalm golden girls old superman swag - 6432119296
Via Inpaq

Professor Swag

Alan Rickman Harry Potter professor snape swag - 5602895616
See all captions By gypsyvannergirl

Your Swag is Weak

gandalf the white Lord of the Rings swag the two towers - 5738917376
By Unknown

Swag is just peasant misinterpretation of class

class Harry Potter Jason Isaacs Lucius Malfoy swag - 6506743552
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