Set Phasers to LOL

Star Trek

Try not to shoot me in the head while you're getting it!

spiders Captain Kirk Spock afraid Zachary Quinto Star Trek chris pine - 6650617088
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Highly Illogical

dancing gif Spock Star Trek - 7654241024
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Doesn't Matter

alien Captain Kirk doesnt matter Shatnerday Star Trek trek William Shatner - 5532236032
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Early Drafts of the Star Trek Opening Monologue

Captain Kirk gene roddenberry space Star Trek William Shatner writing - 5522241280
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I'm thinking of a number between one and...

into darkness Star Trek that sounds naughty funny - 7482195200
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I Dinnae Think He'd Notice

james doohan scotty Star Trek uhura - 5424737024
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Warp Five, Now!

Captain Kirk Nichelle Nichols Shatnerday Star Trek uhura - 5368027392
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It is Illogical, Captain

Captain Kirk Jedi Leonard Nimoy mos eisley Shatnerday Spock Star Trek William Shatner wrong - 5982356736
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Star Trek - The Truth Revealed

creepy heads nicolas cage Star Trek William Shatner - 6581188352
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They'll Conquer All The Fandoms

disney enterprise Star Trek star wars - 7925847808
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TNG data Star Trek Cats - 55735809

Every Time I Boot Up My Laptop

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Pent-Up Emotions

emotions Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek - 5445682432
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I Scoff at You

adam savage mythbusters reality reject romulan Star Trek - 5646892544
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Morning announcements.

Leonard Nimoy Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5312324864
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Um, Excuse Me

brent spiner data excuse me KISS Star Trek wtf - 5342015488

And So Picard Had the Rule Reversed

Captain Picard Death Jonathan Frakes patrick stewart redshirts Star Trek william riker - 6117036800
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