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Happy Werewolf

howling icanhascheezburger special effects werewolf - 5749773056
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More of Lucas's Edits

alien b movie bad crow ears mike nelson mst3k Mystery Science Theatre special effects tom servo yoda - 6132536320
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Land of Giants Had The Scariest Monsters

Cats special effects - 8192598784
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special effects sarah connor terminator 2 sword test - 47266049

Terminator 2 Special Effects Test Footage

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special effects behind the scenes The Avengers new york - 47845889

Watch the Creation of New York for "The Avengers"

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" A little to the right... Now down a bit... Yea, that's the spot... Ahhh... Thanks..."

howling puppet scratching special effects spot werewolf - 6123401472
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Aliens behind the scenes building costume featurette Making Of Men In Black III Movie special effects Video - 37955585

Building the Aliens in "Men in Black III"

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movies puppet special effects trailers victorian - 30016257

Trailer: The Narrative of Victor Karloch

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Isn't Technology Wonderful

peter jackson special effects Making Of Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit cgi - 6991407360
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argument carrie fisher special effects Star Trek star wars William Shatner - 29857537

William Shatner Responds to Carrie Fisher

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avengers behind the scenes Joss Whedon mark ruffalo special effects the hulk Video - 39216897

Avengers - Making the Hulk

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Don't Worry

anniversary dont worry fix martians mustache special effects - 5666199296
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bad Movie music video special effects syfy Video - 38316801

Super Shark Music Video

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1960s Sci-Fi

1960s budget dogs Leonard Nimoy sci fi special effects Star Trek - 5409416704
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You realize you have the best special effects of any of the Star Trek series but you can't hardly get to warp five? That sucks.

special effects Connor Trinneer warp enterprise Trip Tucker Star Trek - 6603601664
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But he just couldn't get it so they gave the line to Uhura.

acting behind the scenes Captain Kirk klingons line Shatnerday special effects Star Trek uhura William Shatner - 6446747136
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