Set Phasers to LOL


opera Portal portal 2 song Video - 41821953

Portal - Turret Wife Serenade

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The REAL reason Voldemort is so irritable

annoying ralph fiennes song voldemort - 6506618368
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mashup monster godzilla song giant king kong - 46422529

Movie Monster Mashup

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shots Bilbo Baggins song parody The Hobbit Party - 45367553

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody

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Eat's a Brain, Any Size

song The Walking Dead zombie - 6359855104
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Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go ...

annoying disney dwarves shut up singing snow white song The Hobbit - 6522897920
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Rock-a-Bye Scabbers

baby jim sturgess song timothy spall upside down - 5573855488
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Whedon the Musical

Buffy the Vampire Slayer caleb director james marsters Joss Whedon musical nathan fillion song spike - 5767983360
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cover song dr horrible dr-horribles-sing-along-blog singing Music - 43674625

Solo Cover of "My Eyes" from "Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog"

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I thought a little humor might break the tension

bane batman song tom hardy - 6507859968
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1990s avengers Black Widow captain america hulk iron man music video song Video - 37412353

The Avengers Boy Band

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FAILS Frodo Baggins gandalf Lord of the Rings Music remix song the fellowship of the ring Video win - 34738945

The Fellowship of the Remix

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We're men, men in tights. Tight tights!

brent spiner Michael Dorn song Worf levar burton Geordi La Forge data Star Trek - 6832927744
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cosplay dovahkiin music video rap Skyrim song Video - 38322177

Skyrim Rap

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gordon freeman song Video video games - 33274113

Godspeed You! Gordon Freeman

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Music song score soundtrack The Hobbit - 44176897

The First Song from "The Hobbit" Soundtrack

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