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Batman In Concert

batman bruce wayne concert singing - 5972837888
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"What do you mean he's not Lenny Kravitz?" "And I've been singing 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' to him all day."

confused Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones lenny kravitz mixed up singing - 6303215872
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Wait, there's another verse!

Captain Kirk singing please stairway to heaven torture Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday - 7020352512
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Singing Skywalkers

Mark Hamill star wars singing - 7904686848
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Songs a cappella singing dwarves misty mountains The Hobbit - 46536449

One Guy Sings "Misty Mountains" A Cappella by Himself

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beautiful klingon language singing Star Trek Video - 41022465

Rachel Bloom Sings "Seasons of Love" in Klingon

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The Doctor rehearses The Dalek Tabernacle Choir

the doctor daleks Matt Smith arthur darvill rory williams amy pond singing doctor who - 6577430784
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We're Knights of the Round Table...

annoying singing dwarves The Hobbit - 6875898624
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We're not those dwarves, numbskull

dwarves richard armitage singing snow white The Hobbit - 6434711040
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amy pond arthur darvil bohemian rhapsody doctor who karen gillan Matt Smith queen rory williams singing the doctor Video - 39792385

The Cast of Doctor Who Sings Bohemian Rhapsody

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Are those elves singing?

call me maybe drunk dwarves elves singing The Hobbit why wine - 6520829696
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a song of ice and fire arya stark commentary Game of Thrones kids opening singing Video - 35192065

The Stark Children Sing the Game of Thrones Theme

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I'm just a planetoid in the solar system of your heart!

Music singing Spock instrument Leonard Nimoy - 6682551296
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Star Trek - Nimoy Was Always the Better Singer

best of the week Leonard Nimoy singing Spock Star Trek sting - 6280539136
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I swear to Gawd. The next person starts singing, "Hi-ho!" gets thumped!

annoyed journey singing The Hobbit - 6467303936
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Nobody was Impressed

dumbledore Harry Potter Michael Gambon singing - 5742295040
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