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sigourney weaver

Replicated Aliens

Aliens Ellen Ripley jean-luc picard patrick stewart sigourney weaver Star Trek - 5422189312
By Perzec

Over Acting

acting Alan Rickman galaxy quest over sigourney weaver - 5631456768
See all captions By ShagmeSpike
Aliens prometheus sigourney weaver Ellen Ripley - 47522817

Watch the Entire "Alien" Series in Five Minutes!

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Creepy Realistic Ripley Statue

sigourney weaver statue Ellen Ripley Aliens realistic - 6699362816
Via Steve Scott

Dammit, you're trying to lead again!!

Ellen Ripley sorry Aliens teaching sigourney weaver - 6589431808
See all captions By Selina2

Set Phasers to LOL: Ellen Ripley and Child

alien Aliens art child Ellen Ripley painting sigourney weaver - 6437397504
Via Jska Priebe

It's Tough Being Sigourney Weaver

alien Aliens sigourney weaver xenomorphs - 5941299456
See all captions By Hikuro

If Only Paul Reiser Had Listened

Aliens sigourney weaver meme - 7727838720
By Unknown
james cameron nitpicking wrong sigourney weaver jake sully Avatar - 46943489

Everything Wrong with "Avatar"

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Our Colour is Fading

Alan Rickman device galaxy quest sigourney weaver - 5505246208
See all captions By beernbiccies

Their Most Treacherous Mission Yet

Aliens Ellen Ripley jersey shore sigourney weaver snooki - 5315874304
See all captions By VivaLaFluffle

Blame Jonesy

alien Aliens cat cheezburgers Ellen Ripley killed Ridley Scott sigourney weaver - 5615256320
See all captions By Unknown

Where'd you get it?

Aliens cat Ellen Ripley sigourney weaver - 6332309248
See all captions By FoxxVox

And Human Can Has Scotch?

alien Aliens cat cheezburger Ellen Ripley sigourney weaver - 5444010496
See all captions By beernbiccies

This Fan Art Shows Exactly Why Sigourney Weaver is Such a Badass

Aliens Fan Art Ghostbusters sigourney weaver xenomorphs - 7138598912
Via David Pietrandrea
alien Aliens james cameron newt sigourney weaver singing Video - 38568705

Aliens: The Musical

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