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Trailers: Sherlock Season Two

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Just Saying

cast dave lister funny girl kristine kochanski kryten red dwarf show the cat - 5537186560
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Oh, Syfy... How far you've fallen!

cancelled show wrestling confused Stargate - 6616192768
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Wrong Show, Walter

Fringe John Noble joshua jackson meth peter bishop pudding show Walter Bishop wrong - 5808467968
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Show of Hands

dinosaurs hands nathaniel taylor raise hand show Stephen Lang terra nova - 5794357248
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He'll Never Work Again

JJ Abrams loser lost show Star Trek sucks Zachary Quinto - 5661762560
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This should hold the audiences attention for the evening, we'll call it the "Show you Can't Stop Watching!"

weeping angel alex kingston doctor who show River Song - 6673242880
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It's Amazing

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Leonard Nimoy Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner Captain Kirk Spock show Staring - 6599881216
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Poor Sean Bean

a song of ice and fire best of the week damn it Eddard Stark Game of Thrones kill off sean bean show - 6021703936
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Don't worry about the future I'm going to get a hit show that'll go on for years, and you'll get one...for a while, at least.

angel buffy summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer comfort David Boreanaz dont worry future Sarah Michelle Gellar show - 6567397376
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The show's been over for HOW LONG?

Jonathan Frakes over Riker show Star Trek TNG - 5309229824
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