Set Phasers to LOL


Were'd you get that scar big boy?

chuck norris flirting gay george takei Nichelle Nichols scar shave Star Trek sulu uhura - 6564881920
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But, Captain...

beard shave william riker Captain Picard knife Jonathan Frakes patrick stewart the next generation Star Trek - 6770205440
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It's Not Natural

hobbits shave Frodo Baggins feet gandalf sorry elijah wood - 6746003968
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Look, Mr. I don't like your beard, and you're gunna sit there while my little friend shaves it off!

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln daryl dixon beard shave norman reedus gun threat The Walking Dead - 6718486272
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Things Go Downhill Without Razors

Rick Grimes shave chewbacca The Walking Dead - 7833569024