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You can eat when you get home - we're having the neighbours for dinner...

school prince charming lunch josh dallas david nolan bridge - 6685589760
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At least for Harry Potter...

Harry Potter ralph fiennes school voldemort - 6521066496
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The look on your face when you miss one question on a test.

school star wars wrong test hayden christensen questions anakin skywalker - 7004912128
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Betcha Don't

ben browder christopher judge kids school sg-1 Stargate teacher tealc - 5779451392
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Tough Love

dad dinosaurs nathaniel taylor school Stephen Lang terra nova - 5986263808
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Best Reason for Detention Ever

effie trinket funny hunger games kid school - 6066290944
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Come on Down...Stairs With a Blanket and Box of Kleenex

school the price is right sick - 8130262784
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Teachers asks me for the answer I been drawing the whole time

answer drawing effie trinket elizabeth banks hunger games jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen school teacher that feel - 6067734528
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Me watching the clock during the last 5 minutes of the school day

andy serkis clock gollum Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings school Sméagol waiting watching - 6436009472
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Every Test in School

school tommy lee jones will smith - 6852204544
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It's Where You Learn Science or Whatever

funny school parks and recreation - 8258809856
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Better Than Any Castle

best of the week castle Death Star disney doctor who Harry Potter Hogwarts Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings mordor one does not simply opening school star wars tardis - 6491566080
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Scumbag Dumbledore

dumbledore Harry Potter Hogwarts Michael Gambon school scumbag - 5659492352
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Helmet Kids

emma watson Harry Potter helmet hermione granger Ron Weasley rupert grint school - 5573872640
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What My Arm Feels Like After An Essay

school terminator - 7529183488
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Seriously, you just let a strange man in your house in the middle of the night! What do they teach you in school these days?

amy pond bad idea Matt Smith school the doctor wrong - 6399821056
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