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archery brave clip first Movie pixar scene trailers Video - 34452737

First Scene of Pixar's Brave

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barsoom clip John Carter Mars movies scene Video - 34722817

Four Minutes of John Carter

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Surprise Fight Scene from The Dark Knight Rises

bane batman fight scene South Park surprise the dark knight rises tom hardy - 5671643904
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An Even Sadder Scene

angel billie piper Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer crying David Boreanaz doctor who please rose tyler Sad Sarah Michelle Gellar scene - 5983113728
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First, who knew? And second... WHY?!

wait warehouse 13 scene pete latimer shirt joanne kelly why - 6600329728
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Lego Fhloston Paradise

lego scene building the fifth element - 6919265024
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behind the scenes Cabin in the Woods Joss Whedon scene special features Video - 42235137

Behind the Merman Scene from "Cabin in the Woods"

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A Sadder Scene

angel Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer David Boreanaz Death Sad Sarah Michelle Gellar scene - 5918648576
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