Set Phasers to LOL


Crap! It moved! Spock! Set your phaser to kill!

annoyed scary Captain Kirk phaser Spock spider Zachary Quinto Star Trek kill chris pine - 6641004544
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He Couldn't Afford a Proper Hairpiece Yet

gremlin scary Shatnerday what is that William Shatner - 5690399488
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If People Were 100% Truthful About Everything...

hair Minbari scary delenn Mira Furlan bruce boxleitner John Sheridan crying - 7104216064
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Oh hey there! just here for the nightmares I'll give you

scary The Walking Dead zombie - 6389410560
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Lord of the Rings - Babysitting

crying difficult employment Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings scary - 6390844928
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Voyager in Night

book covers cover art scary science fiction voyager weird wtf - 6253307136
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Keep Calm and Internet

douglas henshall giant james murray nick cutter outside Primeval scary stephen hart - 6139147264
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League of Extraordinary Slender Men

Buffy the Vampire Slayer scary slenderman the gentlemen - 6539856384
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batman heath ledger mashup scary the dark knight the joker Video - 38223105

Just the Joker

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Why Yes Dear

Delores Umbridge died Harry Potter hell imelda staunton scary - 5945450496
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Oh I'm Sorry, Did You Want to Sleep Tonight?

scary Aliens - 7360424448
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Rose, get back in the TARDIS. Now! Jersey Shore has entered into an unholy alliance with the Kardashians!

billie piper christopher eccleston doctor who doomed jersey shore kardashians rose tyler scary tardis the doctor - 6420634368
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Can't Sleep

clowns Fringe insane John Noble nightmare scary Walter Bishop - 6118358016
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The Things that Keep Dean Up at Night

scary jensen ackles Supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Jared Padalecki - 7138613760
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Real Life Space Invader

alien realistic scary - 5834591232
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scary red band trailer storage 24 movies noel clarke alien - 45860097

Red Band Trailer: Storage 24

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