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bobby singer justin beiber jensen ackles Supernatural scared dean winchester sam winchester Jared Padalecki jim beaver - 6855272704
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"I'm just a Mud Zombie, fer Pete's sake - what are you so scared of?" "OH GAWD OH GAWD OH GAWD!! MY GUN GOT WET - It won't go PEW PEW! HAAAALP!!"

carl grimes gun really scared The Walking Dead worst zombie - 6263449856
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No weapons, no plan, no allies, no world, no nothing but himself and his T.A.R.D.I.S. So why does he always mangage to win? (And scare the green goo out of us at the same time)?

confusion dalek doctor who scared tardis the doctor weapons win - 6274997504
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aw man that spider is huge

david hewlett huge Jason Momoa joe flanigan john sheppard rodney mckay ronon dex scared spider Stargate stargate atlantis - 6477861888
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Daniel Radcliffe harry Harry Potter Ron Weasley rupert grint Sad scared worried - 6274926592
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Shut up and get on the table Jim. Everyone has to get their flu shot some time or another.

Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley McCoy scared Shatnerday William Shatner - 6139476224
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On second thoughts, let's get out quick and pretend we never saw her...

grimm Silas Weir Mitchell david giuntoli scared confused nick burkhardt monroe - 6949452032
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I'm in real trouble... they made me wear a red cap along with the red shirt. Damn.

trouble julian bashir red shirt outfit scared Deep Space Nine - 6434897152
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Oh, crap! I'm turning into a Cullen!

pete lattimer eddie mcclintock crap sparkling twilight scared warehouse 13 - 6612051712
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angry beam me up red shirt scared scotty Star Trek yelling - 6434753280
By Peaches52403

Dear lord! It poops rainbows! Boot camp didn't prepare me for this!

Stargate SG-1 michael shanks daniel jackson Nyan Cat poop scared Stargate - 6584016128
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Captain Kirk klingons scared Star Trek William Shatner - 7084263936

Remind me never to make you angry

angry Daniel Radcliffe emma watson Harry Potter hermione granger Ron Weasley rupert grint scared - 6434749696
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I under- stand that Sulu is insecure, but did he HAVE to bring that dumb stuffed dog along AGAIN??

Star Trek scared - 6613408512
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That Horrible Moment

dead scared The Walking Dead zombie - 6355044096
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Settle Down

Captain Picard Guinan Nyan Cat patrick stewart scared Star Trek whoopi goldberg - 5729407232
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