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Does it look like I want fries with that?

dean winchester fries gun jensen ackles sarcasm Supernatural - 6436832768
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Nor Do They Like Being Called That

fantastic kristine kochanski kryton period red dwarf robert llewellyn sarcasm - 6010966528
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On Shatnerday, Bill Gets Something Off his Chest

bones Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley doctor elephant hes-dead McCoy sarcasm Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5986166784
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What Does He Want This Time?

Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman sarcasm The Hobbit - 5622643968
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Yeah Right...How Would it Open Her Front Door?

friends Joey sarcasm - 8095099648
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Spider-Man - My One Weakness!

andrew garfield knives sarcasm small Spider-Man the amazing spider-man weakness - 6192701952
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Look at Them

anakin skywalker ewan mcgregor hayden christensen look at all the cares i g obi-wan kenobi sarcasm star wars - 6441019392
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You're SOOOO Smart!

fresh prince wisdom sarcasm funny - 8058225152
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Now Sisko's On the Front Page?

avery brooks captain sisko kirk lols Memes sarcasm Star Trek what happened - 6100149504
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