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Daniel, we need to talk about your obsession with dying.

daniel jackson dying jack-oneil michael shanks obsession rory williams Stargate - 6273362944
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Amy, What's Wrong?

amy pond cybermen daleks doctor who karen gillan rory williams - 5408761088
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...and again...and again...

again amy pond arthur darvill Game of Thrones karen gillan kill off KISS Matt Smith rory williams script - 6185501952
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i dont always die but when i do i dont

arthur darvill best of the week centurion die doctor who i dont always rory williams the most interesting man in the world - 6062778880
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Died How Many Times?

arthur darvill best of the week Captain Jack Harkness died doctor who john barrowman Kenny Matt Smith please rory williams the doctor Torchwood - 5990924800
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rory williams mashup DeLorean animation the doctor tardis amy pond River Song - 46288129

Blink to the Future

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She even manages without milk...

rory williams Matt Smith doctor who arthur darvill - 6718510848
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Doctor Who - Surprisingly Effective

arthur darvil doctor who hitler Matt Smith rory williams the doctor - 6482269952
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River Song's Father

afraid arthur darvill doctor who Father River Song rory williams the doctor - 6085245440
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Must Be a Weasley!

arthur darvill crossover doctor who Harry Potter rory williams - 6576561920
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The West just wasn't Wild till we got here.

doctor who the doctor karen gillan Matt Smith rory williams arthur darvill - 6581462528
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Fifty Shades of Tardis

rory williams what happened karen gillan the doctor tardis fifty shades of grey Matt Smith doctor who fanfiction amy pond arthur darvill - 6763115776
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He'll Be Back Next Episode

Death doctor who karen gillan Kenny killed Matt Smith rory williams South Park the doctor - 5381989120
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Died Five Times

died Matt Smith please regeneration rory williams the doctor - 5573339648
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Could This Get Any Weirder?

rory williams karen gillan the doctor daleks Matt Smith doctor who amy pond arthur darvill - 6970483968
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Oh.. get a room

amy pond annoyed arthur darvill doctor who forever alone karen gillan Matt Smith rory williams the doctor third wheel - 6265154816
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