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Hey I Just Met You

call me maybe cooling farscape rod Scorpius song - 6350349312
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There will be too many ... ... "grab my rod" jokes.

dean winchester jensen ackles jokes rod Supernatural - 6437265920
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Just give me the damn Vicodin!

Scorpius farscape farscape-the-peacekeeper-wars pain cooling rod - 6597569280
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Please...does anyone have an aspirin? Anyone...?

aspirin cooling farscape head headache hurts rod Scorpius - 6405165824
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Blood farscape farscape: The Peacekeeper farscape-the-peacekeeper-wars rod Scorpius - 6400386560
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Well you'd be pretty pissed to if you had a rod stickin out of your head!

angry bloody farscape head hurt rod Scorpius - 6329671680
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