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Alright, let's discuss a more pressing matter. Who's got the bill?

artie nielsen bill CCH Pounder mrs-frederic restaurant saul rubinek warehouse 13 - 6329648640
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I know this great place! Serves real good fried Mothra with rice and sake.

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Maybe They Can Eat Their Way Out...

restaurant bobs-burgers funny - 8174220032
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Some fries, a little ketchup and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon... It'll taste fine.

fish fries monster restaurant the outer limits wine - 6208375808
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Good, Well You've Got the Tab

friends restaurant money - 8288976128
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The Khaleesi Goes out for Sushi

confusion Daenerys Targaryen dinner eating Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones khaleesi restaurant - 6254419712
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Can you get the bill? You get a Senior Discount.

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SWEET SANITY! That's the last time I'm eating at the Restauraunt at the End of the Universe!

Captain Kirk choking Douglas Adams eating ford prefect restaurant Shatnerday sick Star Trek William Shatner - 6100955136
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Polite Draco

draco malfoy restaurant tom felton - 5453086720
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That's Disgusting!

meat restaurant ron swanson - 8240597248
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So Are You Open?

annoying SpongeBob SquarePants restaurant - 8109445120
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Wall of Fame

funny photography restaurant SpongeBob SquarePants - 8182714880
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