Set Phasers to LOL


My first order as captain: Shorten all the skirts!

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Scotty, get down here and reboot Spock He's frozen on me

Captain Kirk reboot scotty Spock Leonard Nimoy William Shatner frozen Shatnerday - 6978426112
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comics dredd 3d featurette judge dredd karl urban reboot Video - 40842497

Dredd Featurette

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The Reboot Grid

bad idea Chart good idea infographic movies reboot - 6537661952
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andrew garfield another pose reboot remakes rich Spider-Man stan lee trilogy - 6439628800
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Old Kirk: Sleeps with every alien female he encounters.

Captain Kirk chris pine look pregnant reboot Star Trek - 6489871360
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bryan cranston clip movies reboot remake total recall Video - 39881217

Bryan Cranston in a New Clip from Total Recall

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Lionsgate Confirms New Power Rangers Movie

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