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Really? Hundreds or thousands of years in the future and we are still using hand-held flashlights. Really?

alien Aliens flashlights future michael fassbender prometheus really Ridley Scott technology - 6236257280
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The Hospice Care Around Here Blows

captain pike the menagerie really - 6850233856
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WTF Sci-Fi Book covers: Das Serum des Gehorsams

wtf monster science fiction cover art really books - 6701856768
By Unknown
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An Apple a Day

apple dalek doctor who expression really the doctor - 5901196032
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really Skyrim the elder scrolls - 5698429184
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No Really

christmas doctor who Matt Smith really the doctor - 5710573824
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What You Really Look Like

close really ugly The Walking Dead zombie - 5885392384
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Knock knock

Bilbo Baggins home really The Hobbit - 6504474112
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Come On

aim really something star wars stormtrooper - 5751223552
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"I'm just a Mud Zombie, fer Pete's sake - what are you so scared of?" "OH GAWD OH GAWD OH GAWD!! MY GUN GOT WET - It won't go PEW PEW! HAAAALP!!"

carl grimes gun really scared The Walking Dead worst zombie - 6263449856
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