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What Isn't Though?

c3p0 desert fun jersey shore r2d2 star wars tatooine useless - 6440748800
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R2 says he's 'not programmed' to make margaritas. Frankly, sir, I think he's embarrassed to use his blender function

c3p0 embarrassing r2d2 star wars - 6444156160
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Indiana Jones and the Two Droids

r2d2 george lucas star wars Indiana Jones - 7726104320
Created by Unknown
c3p0 darth vader Han Solo luke skywalker Music obi-wan kenobi r2d2 star wars - 28897025

Star Wars and AC/DC

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It's the busy season for rebels

r2d2 tatooine c3p0 visit luke skywalker curiosity stop - 6756352256
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My back circuits are floating

bathroom c3p0 miles r2d2 star wars - 6438865152
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Los Rebeldes Feroces

c3p0 Han Solo luchador Princess Leia r2d2 star wars yoda - 5537113344
Via culturepopped

Help Me Dre and Snoop. You're My Only Hope.

c3p0 hologram luke skywalker Mark Hamill r2d2 star wars tupac shakur - 6124953088
Created by Unknown

Go Cry Emo Droids

c3p0 droids emo r2d2 robots Sad star wars - 5684218112
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Can You Even Get a Signal on Tatooine?

c3p0 helpful planet r2d2 star wars tatooine - 5976937728
See all captions Created by Sylviag
c3p0 hologram luke skywalker mark hamil r2d2 tupac shakur Video - 36950017

R2D2's Other Message

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R2-D2 Measuring Cups

baking star wars r2d2 - 8158513408
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darth maul darth vader r2d2 school star wars stormtrooper Video - 34135553

Matthew Grammer's Giant Driveable R2D2

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Who Better To Look Into Space?

r2d2 prank - 7892074496
Created by Unknown

I'm not moving You'll have to make an artoo detour

pun r2d2 star wars - 6119223808
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The Most Vulgar Character of All Time

best of the week bleep character droid r2d2 star wars word - 5883996416
Created by Unknown
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