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He's dead, Jim.

Anna Torv Fringe hes-dead Olivia Dunham quote - 6184942336
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A petty thief with delusions standing

king mass effect quote river tam Sad summer glau - 6098525952
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Bane Drain

bane batman mask quote shower the dark knight rises - 6511823104
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The God Complex

star wars doctor who quote - 6672865024
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Get It Right

darth vader everyone i am your father luke skywalker quote right star wars - 5689684480
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Willy WonKirk

Captain Kirk quote Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6417603072
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He Seeks the Man With No Tongue.

a song of ice and fire Game of Thrones inigo montoya prepare to die quote Richard Madden Robb Stark the princess bride winterfell - 6152811520
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I Drink it Up!

doctor who ood pun quote - 6375243008
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Didn't want a TV series anyway, so there!

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I Always Enjoy a Well Written Sandwich

the office analogy quote - 8152198656
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I'm not stuck here with you guys, you guys are stuck here with me...

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ghost star wars Indiana Jones james bond quote - 6702182912
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Kick Ass

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Alec Guinness obi-wan kenobi quote stormtrooper - 6583329024
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I Said He Said it...

the office Michael Scott quote - 8216280576
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