Set Phasers to LOL


Hope those straw brooms are up to the task...

Daniel Radcliffe draco malfoy emma watson Harry Potter hermione granger quidditch spiders tom felton - 6437756672
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documentary Harry Potter Movie quidditch sports - 28476673

Brooms Up! - Quidditch World Cup Documentary

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nobody likes a snitch!

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe snitch quidditch - 6981138944
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Got 99 Problems

Daniel Radcliffe harry Harry Potter quidditch snitch - 5885143808
katy perry Harry Potter song parody patronus gryffindor quidditch - 47484161

Gryffindors: a Katy Perry Parody

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Sookie Learns a New Skill

flying quidditch Sookie Stackhouse true blood up - 6048449536
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