Set Phasers to LOL


This is my brain on drugs

brain drugs Jared Padalecki pointing sam winchester Supernatural - 6456746496
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Reincarnation Brings Out the Inner Child

amy pond doctor who karen gillan Matt Smith pajamas pointing the doctor - 6537416192
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Hidden City

amazing book covers city cover art pointing science fiction stories wtf - 5938537984
By Unknown

My Sideburns Are Watching You

Jared Padalecki pointing Supernatural - 6449889280
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Alright... Are they crossed yet?

derp Jared Padalecki pointing sam winchester trying - 6503487488
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Over there. Those are the droids they were actually looking for.

star wars droids luke skywalker looking for pointing - 6724448256
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No, no, it's over there. I know it's not in English but , see the stick figure person with the triangular skirt on the door?

amy pond bathroom doctor who english karen gillan Matt Smith pointing the doctor - 6549040896
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Pst, I'm not pointing the gun at you you idiot!

embarrassing gun h-g-wells jaime murray pointing warehouse 13 - 6269721088
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...and I bet you *still* miss!...

miss stormtrooper gun myka berring pointing joanne kelley - 6623855104
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The sound of your voice is like having a hot poker jabbed right here

forehead Jared Padalecki painful pointing sam winchester Supernatural - 6440645632
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Hand Out Of Nowhere

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe run hedwig pointing omg - 6636673792
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bennedict cumberbatch you Sherlock pointing - 6980189184
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It's a brain I use it sometimes

brain Jared Padalecki pointing pretty sam winchester Supernatural - 6441472000
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The gun speaks louder than words.

captain malcolm reynolds gun pointing ship threatening - 6569139968
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There. THERE! that's the kid who's wasting time on the internet!

Alphas azita ghanizada david strathairn internet lee rosen pointing rachel pirzad you - 6204222464
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Trader Team

arguing badger book covers books cover art dinosaur pointing science fiction smoking wtf - 6157281280
By Unknown
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