Set Phasers to LOL


Please, We're in Public

ass effie trinket elizabeth banks groping hand jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen please - 6066796032
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Hey Internet, Can We All Agree to Stop Doing This? Please?

back to the future please futurama no stop Zoidberg - 7039299072
Created by Unknown

Scotty ..please tell me we aren't out of toilet paper!!!

Captain Kirk emergency james doohan Leonard Nimoy please scotty Shatnerday Spock Star Trek toilet paper William Shatner - 6224928256
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Died How Many Times?

arthur darvill best of the week Captain Jack Harkness died doctor who john barrowman Kenny Matt Smith please rory williams the doctor Torchwood - 5990924800
Created by Sparky_The_Bard

Windows Eight! It started with... Windows Eight! PLEASE, HELP US!

Jonathan Frakes please help the next generation Star Trek - 6692364544
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An Even Sadder Scene

angel billie piper Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer crying David Boreanaz doctor who please rose tyler Sad Sarah Michelle Gellar scene - 5983113728
Created by Unknown

Mr. Data, Sometimes I Envy You

brent spiner Captain Picard data derp patrick stewart please Star Trek the next generation turn it off - 6454172928
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Please Bring It Back

best of the week captain malcolm reynolds Firefly Joss Whedon money nathan fillion please - 6355909120
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Joss Whedon's Secret Plan

avengers captain malcolm reynolds comics Firefly jayne cobb Joss Whedon Kaylee please river tam secret - 6534807808
Via The Gutters

Sonic Sniper Rifle

David Tennant doctor who please star wars stormtrooper video games wood - 6104619776
Created by ZackieChan

Wait, there's another verse!

Captain Kirk singing please stairway to heaven torture Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday - 7020352512
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One Arrow?

guard Lord of the Rings please Skyrim - 5879587584
Created by Kefari

Died Five Times

died Matt Smith please regeneration rory williams the doctor - 5573339648
Created by MoogleSan

Please, Your Grace

a song of ice and fire Game of Thrones please sansa stark serenity Sophie Turner - 5933855232
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