Set Phasers to LOL


Took a Picture. It'll Last Longer

benedict cumberbatch directions picture point Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6137311744
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Nice Angles, Jim

Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy picture Shatnerday Spock Star Trek William Shatner - 5952808960
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Hurry up and take the damn picture I AM smiling

grimm smiling grumpy picture - 7080119296
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Digital Art: An AT-AT in Chicago

art at at picture star wars - 5379836416
Via behance

Visiting our Elders: The Horrible Reality

Anna Torv boring Fringe John Noble joshua jackson old people Olivia Dunham peter bishop picture Walter Bishop - 6103266304
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OK, make sure you keep a good sight picture of your target!

total recall kate beckinsale picture Target Staring - 6373695488
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Yay Meez

elijah wood frodo Lord of the Rings picture poster - 5335258112
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Just think... Take this picture out of context and we could look like complete lunatics.

Fringe John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop picture think Walter Bishop - 6107091456
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Wait, but aren't you going to caption this picture?

Alphas azita ghanizada rachel pirzad internet shut up homework caption picture - 6602661888
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With Some Truly Disturbing Fanfiction

avengers chris hemsworth fandom fanfiction loki picture tom hiddleston - 6373581312
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Too Late

facebook picture robert downey jr sherlock-movie sherlock holmes - 5780750080
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...and Uncle Elmer always pushes to the front!

claudia black ben browder ka-dargo Virginia Hey John Crichton farscape picture anthony simcoe zotoh zhaan Stargate aeryn sun - 6852991744
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