Set Phasers to LOL

pete lattimer


bacon communicator eddie mcclintock joanne kelly myka berring pete lattimer warehouse 13 - 6467683328
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Oh, crap! I'm turning into a Cullen!

pete lattimer eddie mcclintock crap sparkling twilight scared warehouse 13 - 6612051712
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Should have paid more attention to the script!

pete lattimer warehouse 13 HG Wells eddie mcclintock script jaime murray - 6909778688
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And when I'm done reprograming You'll be the perfect huband!

pete lattimer scary reprogram warehouse 13 artifacts HG Wells eddie mcclintock husband jaime murray - 6982139136
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Perhaps I should cut down on the garlic prawns...

pete lattimer HG Wells eddie mcclintock jaime murray - 6858668032
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Good One Pete

eddie mcclintock joanne kelly pete lattimer warehouse 13 - 5304976384
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It's Times Like This

eddie mcclintock joanne kelly myka bering pete lattimer warehouse 13 - 5430830848
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So Proud of You!

pete lattimer gifs warehouse 13 - 7494896640
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pete lattimer that awkward moment myka bering warehouse 13 eddie mcclintock Party realize joanne kelly - 6969659648
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